Locally Owned and Operated by Jenn & Tim Aseltine and our awesome crew!

We are located at 2101 Fairlane Rd., Yreka, CA 96097

And we are open mostly Mon-Fri 10-2 pm. Unless we are all out working an estate auction.

You can contact us at 530-598-6784 (Voice & text), or on Facebook, or e-mail at info@anyandallauctions.com

WHY USE Any And All Auctions?


We value our sellers and buyers!

Our integrity and attention to detail keep our reputation strong and our business growing

  • We have experienced personally the pain and difficulty of going through a loved one's belongings trying to decide what do do with it.
  • We respect your feelings and handle your items the same as we would our own
  • We simplify the sale process for you 
  • Don't spend hours writing out stickers for your yard sale!
  • No haggling with buyers trying to knock the price down!   Our bids just go up!
  • No crowds pawing through and breaking things!


Not just like eBay:  

Any And All Auctions provides "ONLINE - Pickup" Auctions.  We promote "YOUR" auction, rather than just list items for sale.  eBay and many other sites have what is called a "HARD CLOSE".  The lot closes at a specific time regardless of bidding activity, locking out higher bids.  At Any And All Auctions we have a "SOFT CLOSE".  As long as there is bidding activity on a lot during the last 2 minutes of the sale, the sale will remain open to bidding.   Results?  Bidders have more opportunity to win that special item and sellers obtain a better price.  In most cases winning Bidders pick up their items.  If shipping is necessary, Any And All Auctions can make the arrangements.


Have you ever been to a "Live Auction"? 

     The crowd, the parking problem, dozens of people handling everything.

    The Auctioneer has only a few hours to sell everything.  They must get the lots sold as fast as possible in a very limited amount of time.  Buyers arrive late and leave early!  Bidders only have a few seconds to make up their minds or they are by-passed.  It's less about getting the maximum price on every item than just getting it done!  Have you ever noticed that there are relatively few individuals actually bidding?  A good part of that day's crowd are just standing around looking at the stuff and not really serious about bidding but hoping for a steal.  You are not realizing the maximum dollar for your sale.  The small items must be passed thru very quickly in order for the auction to be completed, often in as little as four hours. It's just not the best results for the seller.


At Any And All Auctions we want to maximize your sale proceeds. Our auctions are four or five days.  Bidders have time to see what they want and bid their maximum.  That's what it's really about - finding the highest price and the best results for the seller and the buyer. It's on-line, so you don't have a hundred people parked in your front yard. There can be a thousand people bidding for your auction in the comfort of their own homes.  Bidders don't have to fight the crowd, they don't have to come "only on auction day". They bid, they win, and the seller gets an itemized statement of the results of each lot and the total result of the sale. 


Security - In today's world you can't be too careful. 

Using Any And All Auctions keeps unknown individuals out of your house.   All buyers are registered.
The address of the pickup site is limited to winning bidders.
We provide personnel and security for the pickups.